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If you’ve been searching for a Career Coach near Long Island New York, Online or an Executive coach near you or online, you’re in luck!

As one of Long Island New York’s most sought-after career, executive, and life coaches, Mike Callahan now brings expertise online to help clients from all over the country take their careers and lives to the next level.

Career Coaching and Executive Coaching are closely related and I do both. Career Coaching is an important step for those individuals who are unsure about or who want to clarify their career direction.

I also specialize in working with Senior Level managers and executives. Having served in a number of roles as VP of Human Resources and Chief Administrative Officer for major corporations, I am uniquely qualified for this work.

However, whether you are a young person at the beginning of a career choice process or you are an experienced individual ready to explore options for a career change, my goal is to help you clarify your occupational desires, identify good career alternatives, provide career information about your various choices, and get you productively moving in the right direction. This process can involve one or several sessions depending on your needs.

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Interview Preparation

I have interviewed and screened tens of thousands of applicants over 25 years in HR right up until September 2015 and I still assist organizations in a consulting capacity in filling positions. Interview methods strategies that organizations use are always evolving, so it is important to know and be prepared for the latest trends.

Your first-rate resume will get you interviews, but what will you say when you get in there? Be a candidate who is ready and able to answer interview questions intelligently and skillfully since that’s how job offers are ultimately landed. I will successfully coach you to be prepared and to provide the right answers to interview questions.

Effectiveness/Executive Coaching

Effectiveness or Executive Coaching is for individuals who are unhappy or in some way dissatisfied in their current work circumstances and are interested in either improving their present job situation or looking for a new position similar to a current or prior one.

Most unhappiness at work (unless you are in the wrong field) is relationship-based. As in all relationships, it is never a one-way street. As difficult as that “boss-or-co-worker-from-hell” maybe, you may be unwittingly contributing to the difficulty or may have more ability to improve the situation than it seems. In these situations, I will give you suggestions, drawing from my Conflict Resolution experience, on how to try different strategies to improve your sense of well-being at work. In coaching sessions, I function as your personal career advisor, addressing all possible issues such as how to work for a promotion, job transfer, or salary increase; or how to make the most out of a job resignation, lay off, or firing occurrence.

These Coaching sessions can also provide effective job search tips if you decide to look for a new job opportunity. For Executive Coaching I am sometimes engaged by the individual and sometimes by the Company.

Using Your LinkedIn Profile to Your Advantage

Happily, having a 24/7, great commercial for yourself on the most heavily traveled business-related social network is now considered 100% acceptable by virtually all employers. So provided that you have a Profile that is skillfully presented, it will not be frowned upon by your employers as you move through your career. LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool for the job seeker. An extensive number of employers and all independent recruiters are using LinkedIn to find needed employees/job candidates.

Surveys have now reported that LinkedIn has become as popular as the well-known job boards in uncovering professional talent for hire. Therefore, creating and managing your LinkedIn Profile is an essential part of your overall career management strategy and/or active job search. As such, it is vital that your profile communicates your valuable skills and knowledge base in a way that is appropriate, sophisticated, and engaging. The best profiles are written in a style that is more like a professional bio.

Although many individuals cut and paste sections of their resume into their LinkedIn profile, career experts agree that this type of shortcut alone is not the best way make an engaging impression. Although much of the content from your resume can certainly become the basis of your LinkedIn Profile, you are free to to present many aspects of yourself and your experience on LinkedIn in a way that is even more favorable to you than the way it might be presented in a resume.

In this service I assist you in optimizing and maximizing the effect of your LinkedIn Profile which will put you in a better position to be “found” by employers who are looking for someone like you, rather than you having to search for and find an employer. In many cases now, the LinkedIn Profile becomes more important for a person’s career advancement than the resume.

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