Life Coaching

If you are looking to find a Life Coach, congratulations!   You found me!  As a Certified Life Coach I facilitate growth, development and progress to achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in life direction. This may be in the areas of Business, Wellness, Relationships, Creativity, Getting “Unstuck” and much more. Life Coaching offers opportunities for gaining clarity & having Accountability with your Coach.

Transpersonal Coaching

“Transpersonal” means I work with the whole person. It is truly a holistic approach. When people speak with me about their work or anything else, this conversation usually encompasses important factors such as the meaning they want in their work, service, spirituality, higher purpose and more.


Many clients come to coaching with a hope to take better care of themselves. For me, Self-Care has four key elements: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual (Purpose). As a client identifies areas where a higher level of self-care if beckoning, I assist in developing a workable plan for progress.


The benefits of Coaching are becoming widely recognized. The single benefit that is most often reflected back to me, and which I have enjoyed in my own experiences of being coached, is Accountability. If we have felt stuck in any way, there can be an almost magical benefit in saying to my coach, “By the time we talk next week, I will take this step…” And usually I have kept the commitment. If I have not, for any reason, then we talk about how to correct that and I take the next step. IT IS GOLDEN! This works!

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