Mike Callahan’s Second Book is a Do-It-Yourself Sleep Aid Designed for All Ages 



Sleep meditation book cover

Mike Callahan, a nationally recognized Life Coach and Executive Coach, announced the release of his second book titled, The Simple Sleep Meditation: An Instructional Guide. This Do-It-Yourself sleep aid, from the author of Be Your Own North Star, is available in paperback edition or via Kindle on Amazon.com.  Also available now as an Audible Audio Book.  Also available as an audio book on iTunes.

Mr. Callahan utilized his 30 years of experience in Human Resources and Ministry to design a sleep meditation technique that is so simple and effective that it is easily learned by adults, children, experienced meditators and beginners alike. In addition to presenting his Simple Sleep Meditation, Mr. Callahan covers other important topics in his book including: How Meditation Helps, Types of Meditation, the Science of Sleep and Transitioning to Sleep. Mr. Callahan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in Divinity and Pastoral Counseling and additional studies and certifications in Human Resources and Career Counseling.

“Sleep-related problems affect 50 to 70 million Americans according to the American Sleep Apnea Association. Lack of sleep or interrupted sleep can have a significant negative impact on our health and our ability to live up to our potential both professionally and personally,” said Mr. Callahan. “For anyone who has occasional or frequent difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, this is the answer you have been searching for. By the time you finish reading The Simple Sleep Meditation you’ll know this meditation by heart, even if you’ve never meditated before in your life.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mike Callahan’s amazing diversity of life work includes being Priest, Chief Human Resources Officer, Life Coach/Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Teacher of Meditation and Author. He has led organizations through major reorganizations and has guided and supported individual clients in their own major or minor personal reorganizations. Mr. Callahan’s first book, Be Your Own North Star, is also a guide – to the evolutionary process of coaching oneself. He works with couples preparing for marriage on building sound foundations to their relationship. Among his many passions are working with people who seek to align their work with a sense of purpose and bringing balance to their life. Learn more about Mr. Callahan and his coaching practice at: MikeCallahanCoaching.com.