If your team is like most, you see a range of performance levels. Some are consistently “hitting it out of the park”; some are on cruise control and some are downright troubled or struggling. Starting out the new calendar year, how can you raise the level of expectations and at the same time provide the support and tools for desired improvements to happen?

Serious Executive Performance Coaching gives you the roadmap to make these improvements happen. When your leaders “up their game”, it has a positive ripple effect through the organization.


As such, I am happy to offer, for you or for your employees, the first two sessions free as a way for you and them to test it out. This initial offer will only be available until FEBRUARY 15, 2022, and will be withdrawn at that time or as soon as my schedule fills up. Thus, it will need to be on a first come/first served basis, so please contact me immediately if you are interested.  This is a no-obligation offer!


What Types of Coaching Are Offered?

General Business Effectiveness, High Potential Individuals, Remedial Coaching for Struggling Employees, Interpersonal Skill Enhancement, Clarification of Objectives, Goal Achievement, Organization Strategy Development, HR Career Development, Presentation/Public Speaking Skills, Organizational/Time Management Skills and more. Generally speaking, I define my approach as “Transpersonal” which means that the whole person needs to be involved.  Self-Care is essential to being able to make progress.

What is the Boss’s Involvement:

Typically, a Department Head will identify a few or all team members who will be offered or directed to receive coaching. That Department Head may give direction which may be general or personalized. For example, the Department Head may say that all four members of a team need to work on improving Initiative. Or, direction may be more personalized where Team Member A needs to work on Flexibility and Team Member B needs to work on Interpersonal Skills. Department Heads typically receive summary progress reports, but as per an agreed confidentiality document, the major portion of what is worked on is considered confidential; specific progress and successes are reported directly by the Team Member to the Department Head.


Some corporate clients sign up Team Members for as few as four targeted sessions or for as long as a year’s worth of coaching. So duration can be long or short term depending on needs and objectives. 

What Can You Accomplish in a Few Sessions?

A heck of a lot. Among the many benefits of coaching, most clients find “Accountability” to be high on the list. Being able to say to your coach that “by the time we speak next week, I will have done ____” is huge and can lead to greater progress than trying to go it alone. Even a few weeks of intention and follow through can be a great way to supercharge your efforts.



Most coaching I do is via video, using Zoom or other video platforms.  If you are in the New York City area, it is possible to meet in person in my Long Island office or in New York City.

About Me

I am an Executive Coach, certified by the most prestigious coaching organization, the International Coaching Federation. (ICF). My 30 year HR career culminated with my role as Chief HR Officer for Hitachi Metals America. Starting the New Year I am extending this offer to organizations that are interested in exploring and potentially committing to coaching as a way to boost effectiveness and productivity.

My Background:

I worked in senior Corporate HR positions for 30 years. I understand Career Development and Productivity Standards from a Corporate perspective. In addition to my many years of coaching within my HR roles, I have a background in Career Counseling and Pastoral Counseling.  My coaching clients are diverse – Senior Executive level to Entry Level and across many industries.  I completed my Coaching training at the Graduate Institute in Bethany, Connecticut. I am fluent in Spanish.  More about Career Coach Mike Callahan HERE.


A lot can be achieved in a few sessions when objectives are clear and motivation is high.

I am glad to discuss details in an exploratory call.

Ready To Go To The Next Level?

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