Alan, 2008

Strategy, Resume and Search for New Position after Layoff

“I was laid off in 2003 in a mass layoff from a pharmaceutical company where I had worked for over 20 years and was a Director in R & D. We thought our jobs would always be safe. Mike delivered the Career Search training and Resume services and worked with me and other Directors on an individual basis. It was traumatic and I never thought I could envision myself working for some small, lesser firm after working for so many years for such a big, prestigious company. In our private sessions Mike helped me adjust my attitude and expectations. I loved the way the resume came out. I was very proud of it. I got a position within four months with a small firm, for less money, but I worked my way up and after five years I was making more than I had before. The positive attitude was critical. Some of my colleagues were so bummed about the whole thing and so unrealistic in their expectations, that they were out of work for as long time. Mike really helped me to clarify my short term and longer term goals and to map out a path to get there.”

Linda, 2011

Strategy for Seeking Promotion & Confidence to Pursue It

“I was in a Director position in my company for a long time and I was always viewed as doing a good job with my department, but I didn’t sense that I would ever be considered for a higher position. In fact, I was told that they would never want to take me out of the Director job because they worried that nobody else would be able to do it as well as me. Mike was our VP of HR at the time and I asked him what I could do to advance. He started to give me suggestions. He then moved on to another company and I contacted him and asked if I could see him to continue working on some of the ideas we had discussed. It was not going to be a short process. I had to start preparing a subordinate to be able to handle most of my responsibilities. I had to do other things educationally to help me be better qualified and Mike helped me with that too. I saw him four times over the next year and when a very attractive position opened up that I was mostly qualified for, I asked to be considered. They interviewed external candidates and me. Mike helped me update my resume and helped me with interview preparation. I felt really well prepared and knew that I aced the interview, I got the job! Mike’s advice, encouragement and expertise were so helpful and I will always be grateful to him.”